How to Profit Most from the Great Graces of Lent

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In case you haven’t received our Lenten mailer, with highlights and suggestions to help you make the most of this holy season, here is a link:
2017 Lenten Mailer

Lent is a time of penance, of fasting and abstinence, but it is also a time of great graces. A big help to keeping a holy Lent is to remember that our dear Lord Himself went before us on this holy path — all for love of you and me!

We refer not so much to the Passion here as to the fact that Jesus Himself spent forty days and nights fasting in the desert, suffering and weeping over our sins as though He Himself committed them. He bore the hardships, the pain and discomfort, the fatigue of fasting, as an example to us, and to silence the excuses of our self-love and pride.

Let us, then, be generous with Our Lord, and not limit ourselves to the obligatory penance imposed by Holy Mother Church. A definite program of extra prayers, practices and resolutions will help us to profit much from the graces God holds out to us in abundance during this holy season. Below are some ideas of both sacrifices and practices you might consider:

Things to give up for Lent:

Favorite foods (pizza, ice cream, etc.)
Fast food and restaurants
Soft drinks
Caffeine (coffee — especially specialty coffees)
Avoiding parties and celebrations
Other activities that tend to be addictive for you
Computer games
Social media (Facebook, Twitter,…)
Unnecessary Internet use
Use of makeup
Working overtime unnecessarily
Certain books/magazines (read instead ones that will help you grow spiritually)

Things to add during Lent:

Going to Mass on weekdays (not just Sunday) – get up earlier to do so
Praying the Rosary more regularly
Meditation on the sufferings of Our Lord and the sorrows of Our Lady
Spiritual reading, especially on the Passion
Attending weekly Stations of the Cross
More time for personal and family prayer / silent time
Going to confession more often
Works of mercy, both spiritual and corporal
Making a greater effort to budget / tithe
A private weekly holy hour in church
Night adoration in the home

Please be sure that the Sisters will be commending you in our prayers and penances during Lent. And, of course, we count on your prayers and support as well!