We are so pleased to be able to offer you a whole new shopping experience here at MIQ Center. Modern technology is constantly changing, and we've discovered that you can never get too comfortable with one way of doing things. Several weeks ago we learned that our old "store platform," as they call it, would soon be obsolete, so it was time to move to a new one. We were happy to learn that our inventory information from the old store could be simply uploaded into the new store, which would save us hundreds of hours of time.

Our new store is based on Shopify, a popular and highly rated store platform -- and we think you'll like it. We've been working at redesigning the storefront and making necessary changes and adjustments, and are finally at the point where we can open it. Just so you know, this means we will be getting used to a different way of running the web site these first few weeks. However, we do have technical support, so we are confident we'll be able to work through anything that comes up quickly enough.