In 2016, thanks to a generous benefactor, the Sisters were blessed with the opportunity of going on pilgrimage to Fatima. This past May 13, the anniversary of Our Lady's first apparition, we relived our memories of that wonderful visit. Here are a few photos from our first day at the shrine in Fatima last June. 

Almost immediately upon arriving in Fatima, we went down to the square, where we made our way to the Basilica of the Holy Rosary.

The inside of the church was very crowded, and it was several minutes before we reached the tombs of the three seers. 

Our first visit to the Capelhina, the actual site where Our Lady appeared. The statue is on a pedestal erected over the spot where the holm oak once stood.  

Many of you sent in your petitions along with us, and we laid them at her feet at each of the sacred shrines we visited, remembering you in a special way as we knelt in prayer. We will continue to remember you throughout this Fatima Centennial year, especially on the 13th of each month through October, as we recall Our Lady's apparitions, and more importantly, her requests for amendment of life, prayer, sacrifice and reparation. Please pray for us as well, and especially remember Our Lady's plea for the daily Rosary, for it is the means that will help us live her message in its entirety.