Autobiography of St. Anthony Mary Claret


Written under obedience to his superiors, this book bares the heart and soul of this courageous saint. During his mission life, he accepted to money, walked everywhere, and went only with the blessing of obedience. His work as archbishop of Santiago, Cuba, was taken seriously; he visited every parish in his diocese four times, confirmed 300,000 individuals and rectified 9000 invalid marriages! Afterwards he was called to the crucifying task of being confessor to Queen Isabella of Spain. Never wasting time, he wrote 144 books, and preached countless sermons. This zealous soul is worth reading about!

  • 227 pp.
  • English
  • 1945 Imprimatur
  • 5½ x 8¼ x ¾"
  • ISBN: 0-89555-284-1
  • TAN Books
  • BK30110