Christ Child Figurine with Story Card


As more and more people in our world deny the Incarnation, and the rights of Our Lord over our hearts and souls, this image of the sweet Infant Jesus helps us to renew our dedication as His children and His friends.

  • 3½" x 1½" x ¾"
  • Resin statue
  • XM57-VC033
  • Back of card reads:

O My people, I am with you. I am near you; I am here. I am close to you in trials. And I tell you, "Do not fear."

Come to me as little children, In the day and in the night. Come to me with trust, My people; Hold my hand and know My light.

For I am a Child within you, Longing to be held and loved. I am your Jesus of Bethlehem; Your gentle Savior from above.

Please take a moment to read the story of the Infant Jesus inside this prayer card! God love you!