Heaven's Treasures: Herbst


Talks to Boys and Girls. These talks were originally addressed to young people and put in print for those who had not the benefit to hear them in person. Would make a great supplement to Sunday sermons, especially for families who are unable to attend Mass regularly.

  • Over 40 talks on the following subjects:
    • Talks on Some Important Virtues
    • Talks for the New Year
    • Talks for Lent
    • Talks for Easter
    • Talks on Mary, Joseph & the Angels
    • Talks on the Sacred Heart and the Blessed Sacrament
    • Talks More Especially for School Days
    • Talks on Purgatory
  • Fr. Winifred Herbst, SDS
  • 1931 reprint
  • English
  • 206 pp.
  • Hardbound
  • Lepanto Press
  • BK52545