How Christ Said the First Mass: Meagher


This book will change the way you view and assist at the Holy Sacrifice. Beginning with the Old Testament, the author shows how God prepared the Chosen People for the Sacrifice of the Mass, and how Christ Himself changed the Passover into the Mass when He offered it for the first time.

  • Twelve chapters include:
    • How the Mass was Foretold in the Temple
    • How the Mysteries of the Mass were Unveiled in the Temple
    • The Bread, Wine, Water, Oil and Incense in the Temple
    • The History of the Hebrew Passover
    • The Talmud on the Last Supper or Passover
    • The Feast of the Unleavened Bread at the Passover
    • The History of Melchisedech, Sion, and the Cenacle
    • The Synagogue Services in the Cenacle
    • The Vestments Christ Used
    • How Christ and the Apostles Prepared for the First Mass
  • 438 pp, including index
  • English
  • First Published in 1906
  • Fr. James L. Meagher, DD
  • ISBN: 0-89555-207-8
  • Tan Books reprint
  • 8¼" x 5½" x 1"
  • BK13200