St. Philomena Cord: 36"


The Devotion of the Cord of St. Philomena is an extraordinary privilege granted by the Church because of the innumerable graces obtained through her intercession. The use of the St. Philomena Cord is a way to honor this great Saint and to preserve the virtue of Chastity.

  • Leaflet included
  • Red and white cords interwoven for durability
  • Two knots on one end to symbolize her virginity and martyrdom
  • Finished length: 36 inches (not including the knots)
  • Overall size: 5.5 x 3.5 inches (leaflet)
  • Purpose of this devotion is therefore to obtain, by intercession of Saint Philomena, the effective means to:
    • preserve chastity according to one's state in life;
    • fight the constantly increasing temptations against faith and strengthen oneself in faith;
    • profess a constant and a particular love to St. Philomena, in order to merit her favors in the fight against sickness of the body and soul.
  • MC48-PH36
  • These are hand-crafted and take a couple of hours to make one cord; therefore cannot be ordered in bulk.