Our Patroness: Mary Immaculate Queen

Mary Immaculate QueenOur Patroness, Mary Immaculate Queen, with all the emblems of her royalty:
  • Her cloak, with its border of ermine, envelopes the earth and denotes sovereign majesty.
  • The sceptre in her right hand, which she holds slightly inclined in token of mercy, affirms her power and authority.
  • The dazzling whiteness of her garments, and also of the lily lying at her feet, evokes her virginal purity.
  • The side of her cloak turned towards men is the color of dawn and speaks to them of hope.
  • The rosary she wears invites us to prayer, and the roses adorning the large beads are symbolic of her boundless love.
  • She moves forward on the sphere, which represents the world, to meet her children in order to assist them in their trials; yet her feet do but glide over the earth as a reminder that this world is but a passage leading to the Eternal Homeland. 

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